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The talk library below is available for your perusal.  As it is enlarged, the list will be updated.  I am in the (slow) process of converting many lectures from old reels and tapes into digital format.  Contact me if you are interested in a copy of any of the exhortations and I will provide further information.  These lectures can be made available for download or be sent on a CD for their cost

Contact me (Adam Kuipers) at:
Please mention "talk library" in the subject line so I don't accidentally delete an inquiry.

Anyone in possession of old Unamended Christadelphian exhortations on reels or cassette tapes:
I would like to transfer them to CD.  Please contact me if you are willing to share your library. 

For easier perusal, the files have been listed by title and speaker.  Click the corresponding link below to browse by either categorization.  The most recently added selections are listed at the bottom of this page

 Online talks
Talks may be downloaded via the catalogs below.  If overheads are available they will be found to the far right of the page.  If no location is listed, the talk was given in Clinton, Arkansas. 

Talk Catalog sorted by Title


Talk Catalog sorted by Speaker

The hymns were recorded during the Bible School of each respective year listed.  They are preserved as performed by those present.  Numbers correspond to the "Old" 1932 hymn book.  


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